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Japanese Culture
in New York!

Have a glass of sparkling sake on New Year's Day.

Look out the window on a snowy day and write some haiku.

Go to Cha-an and have a cup of green tea.

Buy fuku mame (roasted soybeans) at a Japanese grocery on Setsubun (Feb 3rd)
and throw them on the floor at home while shouting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!"

Go to Sakagura on Setsubun and have a glass of Wakatake Onikoroshi.

Stay at The Kitano hotel on Valentine's Day.

Attend a jazz performance at The Kitano bar.

Buy a gift at The Kitano's gift shop.

Take a bath with onsen (hot springs) bath salt.

Attend Japan Week in Grand Central in March.

Attend a Japanese language class at Japan Society.

Go to Kimono House and buy (or rent) a kimono.

Attend a kimono dressing class at KaedeNYC.

Go to Sakagura in Spring and have a glass of namazake.

Go sakura (cherry blossom) viewing at the New York Botanical Garden in April and visit the koi ponds at the Conservatory.

Attend the Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in April and walk around the koi pond.

Visit the bonsai collection at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Have a picnic under a sakura tree in Central Park.

Sit under a sakura tree and write some Spring haiku.

Plant a Japanese maple tree in your backyard.

Plant some Japanese vegetable seedlings in your garden.

Buy a pine seedling and turn it into a bonsai.

Go to Sushiden and sit at the sushi counter for omakase (and chat with the chef).

Have dinner at Sushi of Gari and experience creative sushi.

Write some Summer haiku.

Go to the PGA tournament in Cromwell, CT in June and follow a Japanese golfer.

Attend a sake tasting event at Sakagura and chat with the sake brewers.

Go to Soba Totto and have a drink in the bar.

Write some wishes on tanzaku (small pieces of colorful paper) and tie them to a fresh piece of bamboo on Tanabata (July 7th).

Go to Sakagura on Tanabata and have a glass of Masumi Nanago.

Have dinner at Restaurant Nippon and experience the oldest Japanese restaurant in NY.

Attend an event at Japan Society.

Attend Japan Day in Central Park.

Attend Yumiko Kayukawa's next gallery exhibition (and buy a painting).

Go to Kinokuniya and buy a copy of Yumiko Kayukawa's "Japanese Wolf" and then sit in the cafe overlooking Bryant Park.

Go to Book-Off and buy a used Japanese book (or manga).

Go food (and sake) shopping at Mitsuwa (Edgewater, NJ) and have lunch in the food court.

Go to Kinokuniya (Edgewater, NJ) and check out the original Meiji period woodblock print in the stationery section.

Go to Mars New York (Edgewater, NJ) and buy a Japanese toy.

Go to Sanrio and buy some Hello Kitty products.

Go to MTC Kitchen and buy some kitchenware.

Go to Korin and buy a sake cup.

Go to Astor Wines & Spirits and buy a bottle of sake.

Go to the PGA Tour Playoffs tournament in NJ in August and follow a Japanese golfer.

Go to the U.S. Open and watch a Japanese tennis player.

Visit an apple farm and pick some Fuji apples.

Attend the JFC Sake Expo in September and taste some sake.

Write some Fall haiku.

Go to Harney & Sons and buy some Japanese tea.

Visit the Japanese art collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Visit the samurai armor and swords collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Visit MoMA and buy some Muji products in the gift shop.

Go to a Muji store and buy some Muji products.

Go to Azusa for dinner (with friends) and sit in one of the tatami rooms.

Go to Azusa after work and have a drink in the bar.

Go to Riki for a late night dinner and drink and sit in one of the private rooms.

Attend an Akira Kurosawa film screening at an art house theatre.

Visit the Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY) and walk through the Japanese garden.

Go for a drive in the country for Fall foliage viewing.

Buy a kabocha squash and put in on your table for Halloween.

Attend an art exhibition at The Nippon Club Gallery.

Have dinner at Kajitsu and experience vegetarian kaiseki.

Have dinner at Aburiya Kinnosuke and experience robata cooking.

Write some Winter haiku.

Visit the Japanese snow monkeys at the Central Park Zoo.

Go to a day spa and get a shiatsu massage.

Get a haircut at Akane Salon (Hartsdale, NY).

Go to Omen and have a bowl of udon.

Go to Uminoie and have a glass of shochu.

Go to Niigata (bar/store) and have a glass of nigori sake.

Go to Minamoto Kitchoan and buy a gift for a friend.

Go to Japas 38 and sing karaoke at the bar while you wait for a private room.

Display a pine and bamboo arrangement outside your door for New Year's.

Go to Soba Totto and have a bowl of soba (and a glass of sparkling sake) on
New Year's Eve.


















































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