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Yumiko Kayukawa, Artist

Favorite Green Tea:

I love basic green tea and hojicha. I love the tea brand Lupicia. Their grapefruit green tea is one of my favorites.

Favorite Fish:

Kinki is the king for me. Rock fish is the name in the U.S., it's a kind of red snapper. Sometimes I recognize the fish isn't kinki after I cooked it. Fish markets here sometimes call it kinki, but it's some other type of snapper. It looks very similar, but the taste is just so different. I am so disappointed by that! Kinki is supposed to have white meat with rich fat. The best way to cook kinki is to stew it with a shoyu based soup. I have to mention my second favorite fish. It's overnight dried tsubodai.

Favorite Sushi:

Albacore nigiri is my favorite. I prefer fatty fish. I also really enjoy American style rolls! There are only a few varieties of rolls in Japan, but here anything goes!

Favorite Rice:

After trial and error so many times, I found my favorite one named Hitomebore.

Favorite Soy Product:

I guess it's tofu. I don't eat meat, so fish and tofu are my protein. My favorite tofu meal is agedashi tofu. Also for dessert, I love kinako mochi. Kinako is soy powder mixed with sugar and it's great with dumplings like mochi or dango.

Favorite Vegetable:

Satsuma imo and kabocha squash. Tempura is the best way, but they are great for dessert too.

Favorite Seaweed:

Tororo konbu. It's a dried and shredded konbu, and it's a great topping on soup.

Favorite Noodle:

Soba. At a soba restaurant, I usually order "ten seiro". It's a combination of cold soba and tempura.

Favorite Snack:

Calbee Potato Chips (salt). I'm a big fan of their potato products since the 70's! Their Jagabee is great, too.

Favorite Dessert:

I have too many favorites, but I always love wagashi, especially red bean products such as manjuu or dango. Although Japanese cakes are so good. (In Japan) There are lots of dessert cafes in town, and depachika. I miss chocolate parfait!





























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