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The Seven Sake

In honor of the seventh month, and inspired by Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, we are proud to introduce The Seven Sake - Seven essential sake for every sake list!

If you're ever in a restaurant, surrounded by people drinking mediocre sake, The Seven Sake will save the day!

Masumi Nanago Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai Namachozo (Nagano)
A natural leader, Masumi Nanago is bold and charismatic yet sophisticated, thanks to the winning combination of daiginjo, yamahai, and namachozo!

Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo (Niigata)
Clean and serious, Kirinzan is the quiet, understated co-leader of the group, a wise and patient partner to Nanago's boldness!

Dewazakura Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo (Yamagata)
Fruity yet dry, funny yet serious, Dewazakura always keeps the group in good spirits, and is ready to take charge if needed!

Tamanohikari Junmai Ginjo Yamahai (Kyoto)
Full of spicy yamahai flavor, Tamanohikari is a moody "old school" gentleman from Kyoto who has traveled the world and provides a lifetime of experience to the group!

Narutotai Ginjo Nama Genshu (Tokushima)
A namazake in a can, Narutotai traveled from the southern island of Shikoku, where life is warm and sunny, and has lots of robust, raw power to lend to the group!

Shirakawago Sasanigori Junmai Ginjo Nigori (Gifu)
A dry nigori, Shirakawago comes from the snowy mountains of Gifu and is a little rough around the edges, but always eager to lend a hand!

Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto (Nagano)
The youngest and lowest-ranking member of the group, Kurosawa has unexpected character and experience beyond his years, thanks to his kimoto upbringing!

These are The Seven Sake for 2015!

Look for them at your favorite restaurant!

Mediocre sake beware!


Project Description:

When selecting The Seven Sake, the goal was to find seven important and relatively easy to find sake, representing different styles and flavors of sake (and coming from different prefectures). Although just seven sake, The Seven Sake includes Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Ginjo, Junmai, Kimoto, Yamahai, Nigori, Genshu, Namachozo, and Namazake from six prefectures.

The Seven Sake is a creative/conceptual project designed as a fun way to think about and promote sake. We hope that it helps sake drinkers to find sake that they recognize when looking at a sake list in a restaurant, and perhaps it will even inspire some restaurants to add these sake to their sake list, as well. Stores are welcome to participate too!

We will update The Seven Sake annually in July.

































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