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595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020, 201-941-9113
Best of 2015: Best Supermarket, Best Sake Selection
Mitsuwa, located in Edgewater, NJ, is one of the biggest draws for Japanese people in the NY area. It is a huge Japanese supermarket that features thousands of hard to find Japanese products, and has a very popular food court with a dozen different restaurant counters. Their sake isle has the largest selection of sake in the NY area, and their pricing is also the best. They also have a large selection of shochu. The store is located in a shopping center that features several popular Japanese stores, including Kinokuniya, Shiseido, and Utsuwa-No-Yakata (plates and tableware), and has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. Mitsuwa is accessible via NJ Transit (158) from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan (Gate 202).



Toshiaki Kojima, SakeStory

Hahaha…please see attached images. This is my personal ochoko, where the bottom of the sake cup is in the shape of a cone (like a toy top that kids play with)…Yes, this is a sake cup that no one is able to put back down on the table, once the sake has been poured (otherwise, it will topple and spill)!! One just needs to keep it in their hand and drink whatever is in the cup before they can put it back down!!

Naotaka Miyasaka, Miyasaka Brewing Company

My favorite cup is the lacquerware guinomi that is part of our
“My Guinomi” set, which we developed for our Cella Masumi
shop in collaboration with lacquerware artist Tezuka Manemon. Mr. Tezuka’s family has been making traditional lacquerware in Nagano’s Kiso Valley for many generations, and you can just
feel the high level of craftsmanship when you hold these perfectly balanced, amazingly light pieces in your hand. I think the soft smoothness of the lacquerware enhances the soft, smooth character of our sake. Also, you’ll notice the My Guinomi set’s cloth bag holds two nested lacquerware cups. I call it the “Choi waru set,” which means “slightly naughty set,” because when you’re out drinking alone you can use the extra cup to invite the pretty woman (or handsome man) across the bar to share a drink with you!


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   Featured Sake of the Month


Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto
Best of 2015: Best Junmai Kimoto Sake
The Seven Sake 2015
Kurosawa (Nagano) Est.1858
Smooth, medium-bodied, slightly earthy flavor with hints of brown sugar and pepper, made using the rare kimoto method, which produces rich flavor, slightly higher acidity, medium dry
Rice: Miyamanishiki
Seimai Buai: 65%
Acidity: 1.8
SMV: +2



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